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Cookies and 3rd party scripts

This site makes use of cookies and 3rd party scripts. While either can be blocked, please note your experience of this site my suffer if you do.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a service provided by Google that we use on this site to find out about how our visitors find us and what they are using to view the site (eg which browser). We use this information to improve the site and guide us in where work needs to be done. No private information is collected and no information that can identify you is collected. We would appreciate it if you allow us to continue using Analytics, however if you really don't want to install plugins for your browser to block Analytics.


Cookies are small text files that sit on your computer. They may be used to help with things like logging in to a site, or assist Google Analytics in its job. Cookies will do no harm to your computer (they are not programs, just text files). You can clear cookies through your browser settings if you wish, or you can even block this site from creating cookies on your machine. Cookies can do no harm to your computer so we'd ask you don't block them for this site.